In episode 145, Kestrel welcomes Carly Burson, the founder + CEO of Tribe Alive, to the show. Focused on investing in women globally, Tribe Alive makes sustainable women's apparel and accessories through building artistic collaborations around the world.

“A lot of women are employed through fashion, but the way I view the industry as it is today is that a lot of women are kept in poverty because of fashion.”
-Carly Burson, Founder + CEO of Tribe Alive


Throughout this chat, Carly shares more insight into what led her to build Tribe Alive, and how the adoption of her daughter was a massive part of shifting the direction of her career.

Additionally, she shares more on how Tribe Alive truly believes that women are the key to eradicating poverty.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • Causebox, an order from them helped transform Tribe Alive from a side hustle to a main gig

  • Nonprofits that Tribe Alive works with:
    Mi Esperanza in Honduras + Maya Traditions in Guatemala + Haiti Design Co in Haiti

  • Tribe Alive’s artisan partners are 80% female, and all of their production managers are women

  • Cuyana, a brand message Carly loves: “fewer better things"

** Carly reached out after this episode to let us know that she had accidentally misspoke regarding the percentage of land owned by women globally. She said that the correct statistic is that women own only 1% of the world’s property.

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