In episode 144, Kestrel welcomes Zinzi Edmundson, the editor + cofounder of Knit Wit Magazine, to the show. A website for fiber freaks, Knit Wit explores everything about fiber arts and their makers.

“Just like cutting out fast fashion and knowing about your materials and the process behind where your clothing is coming from, that’s equally as important with buying your materials for crafting.”
-Zinzi Edmundson, Founder of Knit Wit


Throughout this chat, Zinzi shares more on Knit Wit's recent shift from print to digital, and how listening to her readers was an integral piece of this decision.

Additionally, she shares more with us on which crafts are "all the rage" right now, and how even though there are trends in crafting, makers tend to not ditch the past trends when they find a new one - instead, they just add them to their fiber art arsenal. 

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • Sashiko, Mend and Make New, article Kestrel wrote for Knit Wit about Jessica Marquez’s new book Make + Mend

  • DMC embroidery thread

  • Wool and the Gang x DMC Partnership

  • What’s currently “trending” in the maker scene according to Zinzi?
    embroidery, needle tufting, rag rugs

  • “That is very old vs new media - old media tells you what’s what and you’re like ok I guess you’re the authority - I will do that or I should like that - and then new media can kind of adapt and respond.”

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