In episode 111, Kestrel welcomes Aditi Mayer, the creative behind ADIMAY, to the show. Aditi explores the intersections of artistic expression and social action on ADIMAY, and has a focus on style, sustainability, and social politics.

"I think the way we look at sustainable fashion now - it's been a response. So, sustainable fashion exists because the industry is inherently broken, and we could argue that fast fashion has profited off the normalization of exploitation. As we go forward, I think if we work toward a more just industry, that's inherently going to change the definition of sustainability too. It's tied with change, it's tied with being critical about how the industry currently stands - so, that's a reflection of who we are as individuals, but also where we stand in larger systems." 
-Aditi Mayer, founder of ADIMAY


In this episode, Aditi shares a bit of her backstory, and how she became interested in photography as a form of escapism, and then fused it with her interests in style and sustainability. She shares a powerful experience from the first "sustainable fashion event" she attended, and how it revealed to her a lot of realities of race, class and privilege in the industry.

"I definitely realized that fashion at large is really a microcosm of larger systems of inequality."

Kestrel and Aditi explore three articles in particular, that are featured on ADIMAY, that speak to: ethics vs aesthetics, women of color's representation (and lack of) in sustainable fashion, and the rise of the activist tee. 

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

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