In this week's episode, Kestrel has the chance to welcome on one of her notable "Instagram-turned-real-life" connections: Whitney Bauck, an assistant editor at Fashionista. On her personal blog, Unwrinkling, Whitney explores the intersection of fashion, faith and ethics. 

In this chat, Whitney shares insight on what led her into the ethical fashion conversation. It's interesting to hear how she has embraced her role at Fashionista not only to write about style, but also to bring ethics, supply chains and transparency into the conversation, when relevant. Kestrel & Whitney discuss the idea of digital whistleblowers and whether digital activism can actually make an impact. 

Below, are some of the super cool brands Whitney mentioned she's currently loving:
+ Uniform
+ Tara
+ Vaquera

This week's episode was sponsored by Pathways For Promise, a new recruitment initiative at AUW (Asian University for Women) which identifies talented women among current garment factory workers and provides them with the academic, financial, and professional support to earn their Bachelor's degrees and become leaders in their chosen fields. You can learn more about the Asian University for Women here >