In episode 51, Kestrel hosts a chat with 3 young people - Tibbe Smith, Domantas Smaizys, and Josephine Raun - who have all had the opportunity to attend the Youth Fashion Summit in conjunction with the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The three share their experiences at the Summit, as well as their suggestions on how we can educate our own communities on the realities behind our clothing.

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Tibbe Smith is currently working as the Project Coordinator at Clean Clothes Campaign Denmark, an organization working to improve the working conditions for garment workers. She is educated as a fashion designer specialized in sustainable fashion, and you can see her work at TibbeSmith.com.

Domantas Smaizys is Lithuanian born fashion designer currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2017, Domantas and his co-partner launched ACIU, a sustainable fashion brand which uses high quality leather waste from the furniture industry. Also, he is currently enrolled as a master's degree Fashion Design student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Josephine Raun is 30 years old and Danish, but she has lived half of her life in Australia. Her ready-to-wear fashion brand, Phine Raun was born 15 years ago, with which she is still living her dream. Also, she is the Creative Director for the new Slow Fashion concept: SLOW Fashion 1123, in Copenhagen, Denmark.