In episode 166, Kestrel welcomes Marielle Elizabeth, a body positive blogger, writer, photographer + self-proclaimed social media monster, to the show. A standout Instagrammer, Marielle is also known for her #slowfashionforall hashtag and blog Something Copper.

“The conversation of ethical fashion already comes from a place of immense privilege, and if we are not making space for everyone, we are failing.”
-Marielle Elizabeth, Founder of Something Copper


On this week’s show, Marielle shares more on her slow fashion journey, and how it was inspired at a young age by a cool, local shop in the town she grew up in.

She also dives into more on the idea that revolutions must be inclusive. As Marielle said in an interview with Clothed In Abundance, “Revolutions are for everyone and the biggest disservice we can do is to make it exclusive.”

Marielle reveals some of the results from the Size Inclusive Survey that she hosted through her Instagram in March 2019, and how she intends to utilize these numbers to help challenge the industry.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • Something Copper, Marielle’s blog

  • “We can’t have 300 people perfectly nailing ethical fashion, and the rest of the world completely closed off from it because they won’t hit that ‘perfect standard’.”

  • “I think so much work needs to be done in activating change and helping encourage other people to change behavior from a positive standpoint vs a shaming standpoint — from a place of the most ethical wardrobe you have is the one you already own, and it’s just caring for it and mending it and reusing those pieces.”

  • “I’m so passionate about calling someone in vs calling someone out.”

  • “I also think ethical fashion / sustainable fashion has a long way to go in terms of calling people into the revolution vs shaming them for already not doing better.”

  • “For me, one of my biggest fears is that if brands keep misappropriating this term, and saying size inclusive when it’s maybe only going up to a size 16, people that are larger than that will get frustrated and assume that they have no place in ethical fashion, and then will stop trying.”

  • Findings from Marielle’s Size Inclusive Survey —
    (responses from over 3,000 people)
    + 53% of responses said that to be '“size inclusive” you need to be above a size 22
    + 41% of responses said that to be “size inclusive” you need to be at least up to a size 22
    + So 94% of the survey results say you need to carry at least up to a size 22 to be considered
    “size inclusive”

  • Some of Marielle’s favorite brands —
    Elizabeth Suzann
    Block Shop Textiles
    State The Label
    Beaton Linen
    The Perennial Closet

    Hackwith Design House Basics
    Alice Alexander — listen to our show with founder Mary Alice >

  • “I think that a big part of clothing waste right now is coming from people hoping one day something will fit properly or settling.”

  • Marielle’s Instagram >

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