In episode 153, Kestrel welcomes Roxy Ortiz, the founder of Elevated Layers, to the show. A community that combats the textile waste epidemic, Elevated Layers offers cost-effective and ethical solutions that benefit influencers and high-end fashion designers.

“Most of these young creators just don’t have access or they can’t afford it or they’re going into debt just to stay relevant on social media. There’s all these hidden problems that I needed to solve, and bring to the surface.”
-Roxy Ortiz, Founder of Elevated Layers


In this week’s show, Roxy shares more on her fashion background and how she originally wanted to be a shoe designer. She ended up working in retail and then making her own way as a stylist. It was in the stylist / content creation world that Roxy came up with the concept for Elevated Layers.

So what is Elevated Layers? It functions as an annual subscription model for content creators and now agencies as well, where subscribers get access to desirable streetwear brands to use as tools for their content, so they’re able to tag these designers and utilize these pieces, and then send the styles back into the cycle.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • Content creators today spend around $90-$150 weekly on cheap fashion to stay quote unquote relevant on social media.

  • “To me, clothing should be a tool and it should be accessible and it should be something that adds value to whatever project you’re trying to create.”

  • “82% of people will actually listen to an influencer review versus a brand or somebody who has credibility. It’s insane the power of influence.”

  • "I really believe this is the next layer of the sharing economy."

  • “I think just applying moods and feelings to what we do in our everyday lives will probably start to impact change.”


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