In episode 147, Kestrel welcomes Mark Price, the CEO of Firewire, to the show. A former Rip Curl and Reef executive, Mark has over 35 years of surf industry experience and is helping push the boundaries of surfboard construction at Firewire.

“We’ve created a mindset where we want stuff all the time, and by definition - that can never be satisfied, so we’re basically creating a sick society that is never satisfied and is always looking for something that can never be fulfilled.”
- Mark Price, CEO of Firewire


Throughout the show, Mark shares more on what got him into surfing as a kid in South Africa, and how when it comes to the environmental movement, he believes a level of humility is key to bringing generations together and forging ahead.

“I think that my generation has to be careful of not lecturing the younger generation because we’ve figured out what’s wrong with the world and what needs to change. I think we can do that, but concurrent with that, we also have to be apologetic and humble for the fact that we’ve basically screwed things up.”

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

INSIDER/OUTSIDER | New Report Released By CFDA On Inclusion & Diversity in the American Fashion Industry

A new report was released this month by the CFDA in collaboration with PVH, titled “Insider/Outsider: Inclusion & Diversity in the American Fashion Industry.”

To explore the report, visit the PDF link here and to read the Business of Fashion’s take on it, head to the article “CFDA Releases Diversity Report” here.

images courtesy of CFDA Report

images courtesy of CFDA Report

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