In episode 136, Kestrel welcomes Sebastian Juhola, the creator of The Minimalist Wardrobe, to the show. A platform and popular Instagram, The Minimalist Wardrobe is meant to help people minimize their wardrobes, with a focus on ethical and sustainable values.

“Minimalism brings instant results for your personal life. It has those practical effects right away, in addition to sustainability and the environment. It also helps you personally in tremendous ways.”
- Sebastian Juhola, Founder of The Minimalist Wardrobe


In this episode, Kestrel gets the chance to connect with Sebastian about what led him to start @theminimalistwardrobe Instagram. Surprisingly, he started it on a whim for fun, and at one point in 2017, left it dormant for several months. Now, the account is growing an average of 500 followers per day.

Throughout this chat, Kestrel asks Sebastian to share his insight as to what storytelling + social media tactics are resonating with The Minimalist Wardrobe audience. Also, they discuss the potential that minimalism has in bringing a more mainstream audience to the sustainable fashion conversation.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • The Minimalist Wardrobe Community on Facebook

  • “Minimalism is a good way to get the masses excited about this [sustainability] because they can feel instant results.”

  • “I think it’s human nature that we crave instant results.”


“Why Does So Much Ethical Fashion Look The Same?” by Whitney Bauck on Fashionista

Drakeford's point stands: When the ethical fashion community overlooks the political and historical implications of dressing in a riot of color and pattern in the name of versatility and "timelessness," it risks alienating a group of people who may use those former elements to connect to their heritage. An ethical fashion space that's all tawny browns and creams doesn't leave much room for people like Gregory, either, whose whiteness hasn't made her love wearing bright color any less.

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