photos by  Rhea Gupte

photos by Rhea Gupte

In episode 149, Kestrel welcomes Nivi Sreenivas Murthy, the founder of IKKIVI, as well as Meenal Gupta, one of the designers behind Twofold, to the show. A slow fashion platform, IKKIVI curates ethical and sustainable designers from India, and Twofold is one of their featured brands, a label that is a tribute to Indian craftsmanship.

“Young designers and independent designers in general do not have the resources to expand and grow their business to a global platform because at the end of the day, they are designers and the creatives behind these brands. So, I think it’s extremely important for platforms like IKKIVI to be able to communicate their stories and communicate their creative abilities to a global audience.”
-Nivi Sreenivas Murthy, Founder of IKKIVI

We definitely don’t come up with a lot of collections a year, but we keep up to that quality that whatever collections that we come up with, people feel that worth to spend there.
— Meenal Gupta, Cofounder of Twofold


In this week’s show, Nivi and Meenal share each of their stories and how they became interested in slow fashion. Additionally, they share more on each of their work today, and how important they feel that it is to offer global shoppers access to slow fashion options.


The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • “Right from when we are at that impressionable age as a teenager, we’re told by society and various people and various factors, and now especially with the internet, we’re told to be a certain way and told to dress a certain way, eat a certain way, behave a certain way. And I think now, as we age and mature, unless we take a step back and question these things, we’ll just be a stuck in a rut and just doing what we’ve been told.”

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photos by  Rhea Gupte

photos by Rhea Gupte


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