photo by Heather Hazzan

photo by Heather Hazzan

In episode 116, Kestrel welcomes Mara Hoffman back to the show, for an update on where the company is - when it comes to sustainability - almost 2 years later. The first time Mara came to the show (in episode 18), the company was just beginning to shift Mara Hoffman over toward a more sustainable direction. In this chat, we get a chance to understand the evolution of the company over the last couple years, in their efforts to tackle their supply chain and fabrications, with a sustainability lens.

"I've been saying 'survival of the kindest' right now - this idea that people that aren't doing good things for the planet or for humanity or for any living beings (the planet as a whole), should be voted off the island." 
-Mara Hoffman, President & Creative Director of Mara Hoffman  


In this episode, Mara shares her thoughts on how far her company has come since they decided to move toward a more sustainable direction. Additionally, Mara shares some of the challenges they encounter regularly since the adjustments, from changing timelines to factor in the timing necessary for fabric development, and navigating the world of certifications.

As a smaller company, Mara shares that while often, it can be challenging to not have a large amount of capital at your fingertips, she's grateful to have the freedom to make changes faster, by being independently run. For the company, they've found unique ways of getting more creative with money to make things work for them.

Also, a key element for Mara is always working on their fit. She believes fit is an important aspect of becoming more sustainable, because it plays largely into the wearability + longevity of their garments.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • Materials breakdown, on Mara Hoffman's website
  • Nest, a partner of Mara Hoffman, helps support their artisan network
  • Art Atlas, a partner of Mara Hoffman, Art Atlas is committed to supporting local community development and artisan independence
  • Women's Prison Association, nonprofit Mara Hoffman supports + does a lot of work with
  • Lower East Side Girls Club, nonprofit Mara Hoffman supports + works with
  • "Your experiences match your feelings, and I don't think people think about that a lot."
  • "I think with anything, when you really love what you have, you're just not craving all the other stuff."

STATE OF FASHION | Arnhem, Netherlands

Kestrel will be traveling to Arnhem, Netherlands this week to speak at the opening event of State of Fashion, as well as to moderate the Whataboutery 1: Masters Of Change discussion. If you are curious about the event, you can watch the statement film above, and learn more at State of Fashion's website below.

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