In episode 109, Kestrel welcomes actor and model Brooklyn Decker, and former ABC & CNN anchor Whitney Casey to show. The cofounders of FINERY, Brooklyn + Whitney have built the world’s first wardrobe operating system that reinvents how women view and interact with their closets, and style themselves.

"Women will spend more money on their clothing than their education [in their lifetime]." 
-Brooklyn Decker, cofounder of Finery


In this episode, Brooklyn and Whitney share a bit about how they ended up building a company focused on fashion - turns out, for both of them, it wasn't really the fashion industry that drew them in. Instead, they were interested in helping women's lives become a bit easier.

Additionally, Brooklyn and Whitney share some of their thoughts on where they hope to take Finery in the future. It looks like not only is helping women utilize what's in their closet a priority, but also, helping women find ways to put the clothes they aren't using back into the system.

Wondering about that outfit Whitney mentioned in the show? The one she created by breathing new life into the suit she's had for 12 years? Here it is, looking extra chic.

And here's the look on FINERY ...

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

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(found via Brother Vellies)

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Click above to see more about the artist Mona Chalabi.

Today is #EqualPayDay. Why? Because in 2018 women are still making 80 cents for every $1 earned by a man. And to make matters worse. Once you add in the racial statistics things get more bleak.
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