photo by Jay Reilly

photo by Jay Reilly

In episode 107, Kestrel welcomes Leah Kirpalani, a certified holistic health coach & the founder of Shop Good, to the show. An online platform as well as freestanding store in San Diego, Shop Good offers clean beauty products for the ultimate healthy lifestyle.

"We absorb 65% of what we put on our body." 
-Leah Kirpalani, founder of Shop Good

Shop Good

In this episode, Leah shares stories from her past experiences with a chronic illness that led her into exploring holistic health and natural beauty products. She reminds us that everyone has a distinct body, and there's not one solution that will work well for us all. 

Leah also shares some of her favorite wellness hacks - ways to bring mindfulness into your daily routine without having to add more things to your to-do list.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • Leah's Basic Framework For A Healthy Lifestyle:
    1) Simplify
    2) Get Sleep
    3) Drink A Ton Of Water
    4) Move Your Body
    5) Be Mindful About What Your Body Needs
    6) What We Put In And On Our Body Matters
  • "There's over 20,000 chemicals introduced into our food systems annually these days ... and we as women are placing up to 500 chemicals on our bodies during our beauty routines."
  • "We absorb 65% of what we put on our body."
  • Wellness Hacks (shortcuts, tips + tricks to integrate into our lives)
    One that Leah loves: Keep eucalyptus oil in the shower: put a few drops in your hands, place them around you nose/mouth, and take 5 deep belly breaths.
  • Shop Good's Foundational Skincare Line: Botnia (the founder is based in Sausalito and grows almost 75% of all of the ingredients in the products in her own backyard)
  • A couple of Leah's favorite makeup products:
    TMF (Leah's favorite lipstick)
    Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation
    Lily Lolo Mascara
  • Toners: use them right after cleansing - they help rebalance the pH in our skin

Recommended From The Intro: Botnia Skincare Products

Click above to check out the products Kestrel uses in her revamped skincare routine

Click above to check out the products Kestrel uses in her revamped skincare routine

Botnia is where it’s at. When I first started using 4 of their products (daily face wash, fix zit face mask, toner & hydrating serum), I was skeptical, because my skin was in such a bad spot. But, these babies work, and I’ve been beyond pleasantly surprised with the results.
— Kestrel's Feedback

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