In episode 104, Kestrel welcomes Margaux Rousseau, the Cofounder of WOOLN, to the show. A company that brings together talented New York grandmothers and curious shoppers, WOOLN has a supply chain of senior knitters in New York, who lovingly hand-knit each piece in their collection.

"We have this community of older ladies who sometimes are a bit lonely, they usually stay home, and with WOOLN, they get together, they are part of a project, they have this feeling of belonging. You know, they are all very talented - what they do with their fingers is incredible." 
-Margaux Rousseau, Cofounder of WOOLN


In this episode, Margaux shares more of her story and what led her to have such a kindred alignment with knitting. When it comes to relaxation, she says, "it's even better than yoga for me." 

Kestrel also asks Margaux about WOOLN's unique supply chain, from the animal welfare of the alpaca yarn from Peru, to "the grandmas" who knit their designs in New York City. For Margaux, it's all about looking at everyone involved in the process - from the production side to the conscious shoppers on the other side.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

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