In episode 101, Kestrel welcomes trailblazing print textile designer Becky Earley to the show. A designer, researcher, educator and facilitator for circular textiles, Becky is also a key part of the research consortium work for Mistra Future Fashion, as well as the UE Horizon 2020 project Trash2Cash.

"The job and role of the designer is changing radically - you're not just bringing a product to the shop floor anymore - you have to know so much more now about what will happen next." 
-Becky Earley, Circular Design Expert


In this episode, Becky takes us back to some of the history and evolution of her work, including her early "upcycling" projects before the word had even been established. She highlights how she believes the designer plays a unique role moving into the future and how circular design concepts are part of that shift. 

Additionally, Becky shares thoughts on how moving forward, she anticipates that the user will have more control and knowledge around the speed of the things in their wardrobe. So, not only will brands ask people to bring things back to the store when they're sick of them, but products will actually be created to move at different speeds in your wardrobe. As Becky says, there will be a need for fast and slow fashion. 

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

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Are we complicit in the shift away from fashion as a craft towards fashion as a commercial entity? Do our desires for the patina of style, for convenience, and immediacy contribute to a system that pressures designers away from the time-honored process of slow creation that stitches in meaning, to the speedy splash of a logo, that spells it out for all to see?
— Nadine of One Who Dresses

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