In episode 81, Kestrel welcomes Accompany founder & CEO Jason Keehn, and VP of Special Projects at Accompany, Kara Gerson, to the show. Accompany is a fashion online marketplace supporting developing communities around the world.

"There is such an overwhelming amount of choice for the consumer that having an editorial point of view on what's out there and bringing it all together in one place makes it feel more inspiring and emotional, as well as just more convenient." -Jason Keehn, CEO of Accompany

Jason and Kara share their past experiences in fashion, and how they both saw an opening in the market for a platform that brings together styles that have more meaningful stories behind them. They also elaborate on their recent collaboration with Target.

Below are some of the ideas, initiatives and concepts that Jason + Kara brought up in this chat:

  • Experiential Retail, the need for more "experience-driven" elements in retail
  • Accompany Us To Target Partnership
  • Nest: a nonprofit committed to the social and economic advancement of global artisans and homeworkers through supply chain transparency, sustainable business development, and widespread industry advocacy
  • Mercado Global, partner of Accompany based in Guatemala

A Snapshot Of Accompany's Aesthetic

From The Episode Intro

Kestrel was recently interviewed by Natalie Drenth for her MA dissertation research. The title of her thesis is: "Consumer Attitudes Towards Sustainable Fashion: The Barriers to Conscious Consumption". Below is a brief segment from the interview:

Natalie: How can sustainable fashion brands communicate, and therefore prove, that a higher price is justified?

Kestrel: It's not going to happen overnight. It's a slow process, and it is going to take time for people to shift their perspectives. But, the beauty is - once a shopper connects with one of the many layers of the fashion supply chain, I believe it is difficult to turn it off. Even if, for example, someone who has had their "breakthrough" decides to make an impulse fast fashion purchase, they will most likely be entirely aware of it as they are doing it. This consciousness is dynamic, and over time, can impact how we utilize our purchasing power.

For more on Natalie's work, check out her Instagram here >