In episode 77, Kestrel welcomes Celia Bernardo, the founder and creative visionary behind CeliaB, to the show. A Spanish brand founded in 2012, CeliaB releases seasonless collections that showcase inspiration from Celia's travels around the world and celebrate unique global talents.

"I mean it's wealth to our aesthetic diversity in the world." -Celia, on the importance of celebrating independent designers

After working for fast fashion brands like Zara, Celia broke off to build her own unique brand in an effort to push for quality over quantity in the fashion world. Throughout this chat, Celia shares thoughts on how she thinks we've lost an appreciation for the true cost of beautiful, quality designs, and how she believes in bringing innovative and different garments to the world, giving people new ways to envision the idea of "dressing".

Celia calls herself a "Rainbow Warrior," and she's on a mission to combat the corporate world from conquering everything with its homogeneous approach.

"It's important for me to give credit to the people [designers] that are doing something different."

A couple of the designers Celia mentions in the show:

  • Natacha Duarte, former colleague at Zara and print designer she has collaborated with
  • Maria Luque, illustrator from Argentina, collaborated with CeliaB

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