In episode 74, Kestrel welcomes Tim Scott, the cofounder and CEO of Mitscoots Outfitters to the show. An Austin based clothing company, Mitscoots Outfitters is on a mission to outfit & employ the homeless.

With every piece of American made gear you purchase, Mitscoots will give an equal quality item to someone in need and employ the transitioning homeless to package things up. Gear with a mission: Get + Give + Employ. 

In this chat, Tim shares some of his story, how he learned more about the homeless population in Austin, and what really led him to launch Mitscoots. Also, Kestrel asks Tim about his thoughts on how the 1for1 model has evolved since it first gained speed through the Toms shoes approach. 

For Tim, when it comes to making an impact, it's all about working together with partners that are highly knowledgable and skilled in particular areas. As he says, "I don't ever think an organization or company can entirely solve a problem on their own."

For Tim, it's about collaboration, and working with other partners simultaneously to fill those gaps, so the entirely of the problem can be eventually addressed.

  • Mobile Loaves & Fishes:  a mobile food & clothing truck for the homeless, that Tim has volunteered with in the past; he realized how quickly they would run out of clothing, and decided there was a need for Mitscoots

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