In episode 68, Kestrel welcomes Clare Press, the author of Wardrobe Crisis: How We Went From Sunday Best to Fast Fashion, to the show. Clare is Marie Claire Australia’s fashion editor-at-large, and Daily Life’s Sustainable Style columnist. Clare is a big-time advocate for responsible fashion and sits on the Australian advisory board of Fashion Revolution.

Clare shares her story, and how she feels like what we wear says a lot about what we want to say to the world. For her, we have truly lost our connection with our clothing, and that's part of what's leading us into this "wardrobe crisis".

This quote was mentioned from Clare's book:

“I still love fashion, it is both my livelihood and an endless source of fascination to me, but when it comes to acquiring as opposed to admiring it, there is such a thing as too much. And too much rarely makes us feel good. You binge; you get a hangover.”

Kestrel LOVES this quote that Clare mentioned in this chat: 

"I want to be able to use my clothes as a storytelling vehicle ... and using the power of clothes to do good."

Brands Clare Loves:

  • Citizen Wolf, made to order t-shirts
  • Outland Denim, organic cotton denim company that offers sustainable employment & training opportunities to women rescued from human trafficking and sexual exploitation
  • bassike, organic cotton basics 

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