In episode 64 of Conscious Chatter, Kestrel welcomes self-taught designer Mia Vesper to the show. While Mia may be a new name to the fashion scene, she’s turning heads left and right. From Vogue to W Magazine to Man Repeller, the big guys are taking note. A 25-year old designer, Mia brings two key elements into her eye-catching designs: reinvention and recycling.

In this chat, Kestrel asks Mia about her approach to design, and how she sources the vintage tapestries that are so integral to the pieces she creates. The two discuss the idea of "having your thing" as a designer, and its importance in today's overly noisy state.

Mia shares her thoughts on a conundrum she's been facing for quite some time now: to build an ethical business or to build a profitable business, and the questions she's faced with on a regular basis, when she wants to build a better brand.

Also, listen to hear some entertaining stories from two fashion-driven women who have roots in Wisconsin. 

Collaboration is key when it comes to the endless sea of podcasts out there in the virtual space. From now on, I'll be giving regular shout-outs to podcasts I'm stoked on. People doing rad things and people I want to support. No money involved. Just because they are bringing good conversations to our ear buds.

This week I'd like to put my hands up for WILD IDEAS WORTH LIVING. Hosted by Shelby Stanger, a journalist who has worked with brands like Nike, prAna and Vans, Shelby is an adventure seeker and she thrives off of empowering others to live their passions.

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