In episode 94, Kestrel welcomes Anna Lisa Grieve, the co-creator of Recess City, to the show. A lifestyle and travel blog, Recess City is a project by Anna Lisa and her husband Porter. Since September 2017, they have been traveling the world, living in hotels and showcasing ethical fashion brands along the way.

"People suddenly realized that their food came from somewhere and that it mattered how it was made, and I think the same thing is happening in the world of fashion now. And, people are not just looking at clothing as a thing but understanding that there is a person behind it." 
-Anna Lisa of Recess City


Throughout this episode, Anna Lisa shares more on how she got into blogging, and how it has evolved into a business + lifestyle for her and her husband Porter. Also, Kestrel + Anna Lisa discuss the complexities when it comes to defining what "ethical fashion" means. Stay tuned for later in the show when Anna Lisa rounds up some of her favorite ethical fashion brands of the moment. 

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • Tribe Alive, first ethical company that Recess City partnered with, which inspired their shift in focus to all ethical fashion brands
  • "First you have to make it, then you have to master it, and then you have to make it matter" - quote mentioned by Anna Lisa which reflects her goals for 2018 
  • Girlfriend Collective, an ethical brand Anna Lisa loves
  • Nisolo, an ethical brand Anna Lisa loves
  • Will & Bear, an ethical brand Anna Lisa loves
  • "Don't wear what's in, wear it out." - a mindset Anna Lisa and her husband Porter like to live by when it comes to their clothing

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