In episode 93, Kestrel welcomes Eileen Mockus, the CEO of Coyuchi, and Margot Lyons, Coyuchi’s Sustainability + Production Manager to the show. A home textile company that is committed to using minimally processed organic & natural fibers, Coyuchi also has a human commitment to the hands that touch each product.  

"We do sense that the customer is looking for newness, and this allows them to have that newness but at the same time, gives us the ability to take that product back and do something else with it." 
-Eileen Mockus, CEO of Coyuchi on Coyuchi For Life


Throughout this episode, Kestrel explores Coyuchi's evolving business model with Eileen and Margot. They also focus on the complexities of finding organic linen, and how Coyuchi discovered a small group of farmers in Europe who are growing organic flax, and using it as a rotational crop. Apparently, the organic flax regenerates their fields for the organic food crops that are their primary source of income. 

Additionally, Kestrel, Eileen and Margot discuss Coyuchi's recently launched Coyuchi For Life program, which is a circular subscription service for linens. As they say, "new linens, no landfills". Coyuchi has collaborated with The Renewal Workshop to help close the loop on this project.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

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