In episode 88, Kestrel welcomes Annette Lasala Spillane, the founder and CEO of TARA (The Artisan Row Accessories), to the show. Known for their buildable fine jewelry, TARA intentionally designs each piece so it stands beautifully on its own, but can also be stylishly interchanged with with other pieces in their collection.

"I think it's just the me generation where you want to wear something that was designed by you. I think everyone wants to feel like a designer or a purveyor of good taste." -Annette of The Artisan Row Accessories


Throughout this episode, Kestrel and Annette chat about the era of customization, whether it's here to stay, and in what capacity. They also discuss individual ideas of personal style, and innovative ways to make the clothes in your closet go a long way.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • Will Mass Customization Work For Fashion? -via Business of Fashion
  • “I don’t think that complete free-for-all, white canvas customisation works. What works is certain parameters that a designer has left for the consumer. It’s potentially 10 or 20 percent designed by the customer, enough that it feels individual, without tampering with the creative direction of the brand.” -Jose Neves, the founder and CEO of Farfetch, in the above article

  • Gemological Institute Of America, where Annette took a class when she decided to build TARA

  • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, event where the early beginnings of TARA were born


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Kestrel asked ARC Apparel's founder Sarah Stewart why she created ARC. Here's what she had to say:

"About six years ago I was working at a yoga studio and volunteering at Vancouver Eco Fashion Week. I started to learn more about the dark side of the fashion industry and as a lifetime lover of clothes and shopping, I was extremely conflicted. I attempted to do research and came up to so many walls. No big brands were providing any information on their manufacturing processes. I couldn't find a place that accumulated fashionable brands while providing information on ethics and sustainability, so I had to create it."