In episode 86, Kestrel welcomes Jessica Marati Radparvar, the founder of Reconsidered, to the show. A boutique consultancy that helps organizations build impactful social responsibility strategies, communications and community, Reconsidered is all about driving positive behavior change.

"Reconsidering and just taking a second look at things that we've always taken for granted is something that's so needed in this day-in-age, because business as usual is not an option - it simply isn't." -Jessica of Reconsidered

Throughout this chat, Jessica shares stories about her path, and how she has found herself enthralled with the social impact conversation, and especially, innovative approaches to shifting behavior.

She shares her thoughts on where we are today when it comes to telling the sustainable fashion story, and where she thinks we can improve moving forward.

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Here are a few of the people, projects and ideas brought up throughout this chat: