In episode 84, Kestrel welcomes Danny Clayton, the founder of Salt Gypsy, to the show. A Byron Bay-based curated surf boutique and independent surf lifestyle supplier, Salt Gypsy celebrates female surf athleticism, diversity and style in the lineup.

"If I as a small business can source and produce gear using a lycra that's made with 78% recycled polyamide, then why are not mainstream brands or bigger businesses using that as well; why is it not industry standard?" -Danny Clayton

Throughout this conversation, Danny shares the backstory of how Salt Gypsy evolved into a brand that offers iconic surf leggings as well as surf gear for the discerning woman of the ocean.


For Danny, she spends a lot of time in the water, so she wanted to create something that could protect her skin from the sun, but also help her look cool in the lineup.

Additionally, Kestrel and Danny discuss the (un)sustainability of the traditional surf industry. From the foam and resin in the making of the boards to the surf wax, there’s a lot of petroleum that goes into an industry that is associated with spending quality time in the natural world. But, innovations are on the horizon, and Danny shares her thoughts on how she believes more sustainable surf product options are coming to the market.

Tune in to hear more about the evolution of Salt Gypsy, Danny's open approach to discussing the struggles of being a small business, and the unknowns connected to the microfiber issue.


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