In episode 44, Kestrel is joined by guest Andrew Morgan, an internationally recognized filmmaker focused on telling stories for a better tomorrow. Andrew's 2015 documentary The True Cost has become a go-to source for eye-opening information about the realities of the global fashion industry.

Andrew shares his story of entry into the sustainable fashion conversation, and what sparked his idea for The True Cost.  Due to the overwhelming nature of the fashion supply chain, Kestrel asks Andrew for insight on whether his research and interviews throughout the production of the film actually answered any questions.

In addition, Kestrel shares a few questions from friends in the AWEAR World community - the one question these individuals said they would ask Andrew if given the opportunity. While their conversation touches on the frustrating and sometimes devastating realities of the garment industry, Andrew is hopeful and shares thoughts on the changes he has seen and the potential for greater positive shifts that lie ahead.