partnerships with conscious chatter

Opportunities to collaborate with Conscious Chatter are outlined below.
If you have a distinct partnership concept, feel free to email Kestrel to discuss further.
Partnership opportunities start at $600.


podcast sponsorship

Conscious Chatter has been downloaded over 200K times, and has listeners across 92 countries. If you are interested in sponsoring future Conscious Chatter episodes, email Kestrel here for more information and her sponsorship deck. 

visual content creation

Apart from Conscious Chatter, Kestrel also works with her partner Drew McGill through their visual branding agency Falcon Related. If you are interested in learning more about Kestrel's rates for visual content creation, feel free to contact her here



Speaking engagements

Kestrel has spoken at an array events, sharing her insight on sustainability and fashion, and has experience moderating panel discussions. If you are interested in having Kestrel speak at an upcoming event, send her an inquiry here