29. Gretchen Jones

Stop what you are doing and take a moment to absorb the authentic and eclectically-amazing style that is permeating from Gretchen!

A native of Colorado, Gretchen sees clothing as a medium for relating to the world, whether it's through design or in her dress. A past winner of Project Runway and a 2012 GenArt inductee, Gretchen is now the elevated contemporary lead at Pendleton Woolen Mills.

Her 2014 project - NEUTRAL TERRITORY - is a "year-long experiment in self-expression through deprivation – 2014 will start with a full ( if contentious) palette of neutrals, and each month another 'color' will be eliminated."

We're inspired.

In this look, she's pieced together the below:

Leather Jacket (made of recycled leather by her Brooklyn-based friend Belinda of The Sway)
Braided Leather Belt (thrifted)
Fur Vest (vintage, from her aunt)
Dress (found at a consignment store)
Blouse (found at a consignment store)
Hat (found at a consignment store)
Jewelry (by Gretchen Jones NYC, A/W 2013)