28. Alden Wicker


Alden is the founder and editor in chief behind Ecocult, a rad site that reminds us that there is nothing boring or crunchy about being green today.

With her edgy style and authentic to-the-point writing, Alden brings a refreshing flavor to the sustainable fashion scene.

In her NYFW-ready look, she's sporting:

Sweater (by Svilu from Rodale's)
Leather Jacket (reused from 5 seasons ago)
Vest (reused, faux fur)
Purse (vintage)
Sunglasses (by SOLO Eyewear)
Knee Socks (organic cotton, from Made Collection)
Boots (reused from 4 seasons ago)
Giveashit Beanie (by A QUESTION OF, organic)
Leather Skirt (by ahshmata, made in Brooklyn, found at Artists & Fleas)