8. Greta Eagan

Greta is the founder of FASHIONmeGREEN and the author of the recently launched book Wear No Evil. If you think sustainable style can't be sexy, think again. Greta is the master of making non-believers, believe!

In her casual look for a chill Venice Beach afternoon, she's rocking:

Hat (Rag & Bone, made in USA)
Denim Shirt (found at a secondhand store)
Cropped Sweater (by Organic by John Patrick, 100% organic cashmere)
Bottoms (by Amour Vert Eco-fashion, organic cotton + spandex, made in the USA)
Leather Jacket (by The Sway, made from upcycled leather scraps)
Kicks (by Nike Better World x Liberty London, made from recycled materials)