20. Oceana Lott

Oceana's soul basically flows golden energy. She brings a positive and vivacious attitude to any situation.

An ethical fashion writer and activist, Oceana is currently spearheading the USA campaign for the global Fashion Revolution. The movement asks us to question "who made your clothes"?

Make a note in your calendar. On April 24th, 2014, we all plan to rock our outfits inside out in a global movement to remind people to think about where their clothes came from and who made them.

In her ‪#‎insideout‬ look, Oceana is wearing:

Blazer (by Hugo Boss, vintage)
Lace Top (by Two Star Dog, designed in Berkeley, made using fair labor in India)
Pilazzo Pant (by Bryn Walker, made in CA, USA)
Earrings (second-hand)
Peacock Feather Tie (made in CA, USA)
Artisanal Cuff (made in CA, USA)